Our Support

We provide support for our services as per the following details. Our support is limited to boot-up issues and installation or setup problems related to our services. To seek help, support and assistance with using your operating system or installing and setup of applications, please use the Linux community support and available forums and chat rooms.

The following support options are available at no cost:

Our ServicesAvailable supports
DUAL BOOT SYSTEM SETUPthree months free support. Boot-up and installation issues only.
SINGLE OPERATING SYSTEM SETUPone month free support. Boot-up and installation issues only.
TRY LINUX ON VIRTUAL BOXone month free support. Virtual Box setup and installation issues.
MULTIPLE OS ON VIRTUAL BOXone month free support. Virtual Box setup and installation issues.
APPLICATION SETUP ASSISTANCEone month free support. Issues related to setup of applications.

If you would like to request for our support in regards to the above services, please fill in our Contact us form and provide a brief description of the issue in a few words and also your contact details. We will get in touch with you to schedule a support session ASAP. In case we receive your support request after the above period, we will be happy to provide assistance at the same rate as the “APPLICATION SETUP ASSISTANCE” hourly service rate.

Linux Community Support

You’ve installed Linux, things are looking great, but you’ve run into a snag and need a little helping hand. You’re in good hands. The community is here to help, if you know where to look. Once you do, you’ll find that community resources are every bit as good as the commercial counterparts for Linux support.

Numerous paid support options exist for Linux. If you’re running a largish business with Linux and really need to tap into professional support services that are available 24/7, then it’s a good idea to look at one of the many commercial vendors that offer support subscriptions for Linux. But if you’re a home or hobby user learning your way around, the community often provides top-notch Linux support with a smile. Most Distros also have wikis or sites with lots of documentation.

A few examples of Linux community support forums are listed below. Community support

Ask ubuntu:

Ubuntu forums:

Linux Mint Community:

Linux Mint forums:

Read more: Help! Finding Community Linux Support

Help Centre

Most major Linux distributions include help icons directly on the desktop. Check the Help menu of any program you’re having problem with or look for the distribution help centre.

Man Page (manual page)

You may want to become familiar with using man pages and the man command. If you haven’t used man before, open a terminal window and run man man and you’ll get a somewhat brief but useful reference for that command. Man pages are references, not guides. They start with a short description of the command you want to use. Then a “synopsis” of the command and its options and arguments. Next is a longer description of the command and then (in many cases) examples and explanations of the options.

Example: man ifconfig

Press “q” to exit the man page.

“Whatis” Command

whatis command is used to get a one-line manual page descriptions. In Linux, each manual page has some sort of description within it. So this command search for the manual pages names and show the manual page description of the specified filename or argument.

Example: whatis ifconfig

Online search

If you’re having a problem or trying to do something with Linux, it is likely that someone else has been there before you and put some information online to document the experience. Try searching online, there is never a lack of documentation for Linux operating systems and distributions.