About us

I can describe myself as a technology enthusiast, interested in Computer Software, Hardware and Electronics. Graduated from a university of technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics, I have developed my career in the world of medical electronic equipment and instruments where I make a living from.

Beside that, I have always been interested in creating a blog or page to share my ideas and initiatives about technology and computer systems with other people and my friends.

The challenges of year 2020 with it’s limitations and restrictions, provided an opportunity for me to develop this idea so I decided to build a web site about Linux operating systems and endorsed distributions of Linux. My focus was to assist those who are happy to take the plunge and migrate to a Linux operating system and Linux desktop environment for their everyday needs or just to learn more about available computer systems.

Amir Faghih

Admin – linux4u.com.au

In linux4u, we are happy to assist you with setting up your first Linux desktop environment and help you to take the very first steps to get familiar with this modern and exciting operating system. You may find it a bit unfamiliar as the first impression, however after a short learning period you will find yourself playing with the system and performing routine tasks very soon. My personal experience with migrating to Linux was an exciting one that I enjoyed every moment of it. After learning the basics, I found myself in a highly productive and fast performing system which was more than enough for my everyday needs and I will never look back.